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I really tired!   So, A quick up date and off the Bed!

I worked …

GOOK  ..Feature Film
THIS IS US …..  T.V, I think
SET IT OFF …….. Music Video

& Auditions.

To get caught up I’ve working a ton of “Superstore”, Man those are LONG DAYS.
Then a couple of days on “Grace and Frankie”  My Goodness, what a Great Cast that one has.. And so Friendly. I even chatted with some of them in between takes.
Then something called Santa Clarita diet. sadly, it wasn’t a diet show,so I could  lose a few more pounds. lol
And I went on a few auditions, one for Mrs. Claus.  Oddly enough, I have to come in dressed as Mrs. Claus… As luck would have it I HAVE the Costume…. I will be extremely happy  if  I getting that one. I always wanted to play Mrs. Claus. I played in elf, but not Mrs. Claus.. So, cross your finger for me.
I hope everyone has a great Labor Day!
And I’ll try not to get so far behind again … Yea right, with the long hours and the commute I’m lucky if I get 4 to 6 hours sleep a night. But I’ll try.

First off, I finished filming “Insecure”

Now for the Big News… at least to me it is. I went on an Audition and …..I Got the Roll!!  Now maybe I’ll get the “Reel” I need to show what I can do in the since of Acting.

So, as you can imagine … I’m both nervous and excited. It’s 2 scenes interacting with the Stars.   Happy Dance!!

And I’m Booked for tomorrow on the TV Show ” Santa Clarita Diet”   And I should start filming back on “Superstore” Season 2, by the 11th.

So I’m still keeping Busy and loving every minute of it.

Let me start off by saying .. Happy Father’s Day. Although my Father is gone, I still tear up on that day, remembering all that I miss about him. So, if you still have yours, cherish every minute while you can.

I’ve been keeping busy most of it on my Regular Gig on “Insecure”. They have added another episode so, I should be working a little longer that originally planed.

Bye the way when I said I’m keeping busy I mean it!   For example: In 48 Hours I work over 24 hours not including the driving time and I had only 5 hours sleep … needless to say I was living on COFFEE for 2 days. Then a weekend brake and repeat!  When it rains it pours in this business. But, you take it went you can get it and be Happy they are booking you.


I never realized how many annual Doctor appointments we have. Dental, Vision, Doctor’s , Blood test…all of those pretty much took out two or  three weeks of work time, but I’m happy too report I passed the tests. although I’m not sure the wallet survive lol
Ok,  now back to what work I managed to squeeze in, in between Dr. Appointments.
I went on an Audition,  had to cancel a couple of Auditions do to Bookings. I worked a couple of weekend gigs. And 4 more for the “Bucket list”
I worked a new one called “What’s the point” thenanother new one called “Goliath”
 I also had three days on the new movie ” Haskell” ( not the real name) as a Stand -in. That was a real treat. But, due to those pesky confidentiality agreements, I can’t say more.
And now for the pièce de résistance…
I managed to secure my 4th regular on a TV series called “Insecure”.
To think I managed to do all that … With A little help from above.… in between doctor’s appointments and the fact that our industry is technically on hiatus.  I find that Amazing!!! And very Thankful for it!

So far I’ve been several days on a Movie called “Nothing Like The Sun” Late 40’s Piece.

A couple of Music Video’s,  a Commercial for Corona & a few TV bookings “Trial & Error” , “Murder in the First” & ” Animal Kingdom” … So that should get me caught up! That is if I haven’t forgot any lol

So, off to Work for me…

I hope everyone had a Great Easter!!

Finished the Last Day of Shooting on “Another Period” and went to the Wrap Party on Friday. Couldn’t stay to long because I was booked on Saturday On ” Nothing Like the Sun” There is nothing like 12 hours in Heals.

And then I made a Ham Dinner for Easter! I’m one tired Lady .. I happy I’m not booked for Monday, I can use the REST!